Nilkantvarni awaits Ramanand Swami's arrival

Muktanand Swami answered Nilkantvarni's question with great precision and passion. Nilkantvarni was pleased to find an ashram which had the true knowledge and told Muktanand Swami that He would be honoured to stay at the ashram and to gain knowledge from the learned saints. Muktanand Swami told Nilkantvarni of Ramanand Swami, the head of the ashram and also his guru. Nilkantvarni requested to meet Ramanand Swami as soon as possible. Ramanand Swami however was currently holding Sabhas in a town called Bhuj, but he would return soon. Nilkantvarni agreed to stay at the ashram, awaiting Ramanand Swami's arrival.

While Nilkantvarni stayed at the ashram, He had to adopt a new name. Muktanand Swami named Him Sarjudas. Sarjudas served the other saints as He was the youngest and newest amongst them. He would wake up early before the other saints each day, perform His pooja and then carry out the daily chores such as fetching water, cleaning, cooking, washing, collecting cow dung and other mundane tasks. Sarjudas did this to earn the blessing of the other saints and of His elders. During any spare time, Sarjudas would teach the saints yogas which He had mastered from Gopal Yogi. He would also sit with other saddhus and talk about religion.

Three months passed by and still there was no word of Ramanand Swami's return. Sarjudas became more impatient and told Muktanand Swami that if Ramanand Swami could not return to the ashram, then He would go and meet with him. Muktanand Swami halted Sarjudas. He comforted Him by saying that Ramanand Swami would definitely in a few weeks and also explained some of the difficulties that Ramanand Swami may have experienced on his return. Muktanand Swami said, "Be patient and reside here longer." "In the meantime, I shall write a letter to Ramanand Swami to hurry his return." Muktanand Swami also requested that Sarjudas write a letter to Ramanand Swami, introducing Himself and expressing His eagerness to meet with him.

Muktanand Swami's letter described Sarjudas' beautiful appearance, His devotion, His Travels, His tapasya, and His profound knowledge of true Dharma, Muktanand Swami requested Ramanand swami to return early to meet Sarjudas and to reply as soon as possible.

Sarjudas also wrote a letter. He sat down with a wooden pad placed on the lap of His right leg and with the pen in His right hand, Sarjudas began to write. Sarjudas introduced Himself and then wrote of His desire to meet Ramanand swami. Sarjudas gave the letter to Muktanand Swami who placed both letters together and sealed them with glue so that no one could read them. Muktanand Swami addressed the letters and then gave them to a brahmin named Mayaram Bhatt who was renowned for his quick walking pace.

Mayaram Bhatt reached Bhuj on the seventh day of his travels. At this time, Ramanand Swami was holding a sabha at Gangaram Mal's house. Mayaram Bhatt entered the Sabha and after paying his respects to Ramanand Swami, he passed on the letter. As Ramanand Swami opened the letter, a cool glow of light projected from the letter and filled the entire sabha. Ramanand Swami read the letter and was overcome with rejoice and emotion. The bewildered devotees in the sabha requested Ramanand Swami to explain the meaning of the light and the reasons for his emotion. Ramanand Swami said, "I am only a humble servant, the real saviour has now come to light !" Ramanand Swami briefly explained the contents of the letters and then he wrote a single reply to both Muktanand Swami and Sarjudas.

Mayaram Bhatt returned to Loej with Ramanand Swami's letter and told Muktanand Swami that Ramanand Swami was in fine health and that the sabha was full of devotees. Muktanand Swami was pleased to hear this and after reading the letter he then passed the letter on to Sarjudas. Upon reading the letter, Sarjudas became pleased as Ramanand Swami was soon to arrive at a town called Piplana, some six kilometres away from Loej. The waiting would soon be over and Muktanand Swami and Sarjudas awaited Ramanand Swami's arrival with great anticipation.