Nilkanthvarni Tests the Devotion of the Siddhas of Sirpur

A Brahmin from Taylang Desh came to Sirpur. He approached king Siddhavallabadha and introduced himself as a well versed person in the Vedas, Scriptures and Purans. However, he was greedy and unscrupulous, using his good side to extract gifts from many kings. He asked king Siddhavallabadha to welcome him by offering him a gift of a golden elephant. He asked what he'd do with this gift, the Brahmin replied, "People will respect me more." The king gave him what he wanted, not wanting to insult a Brahmin.

As he handed over the gift, the Brahmin's complexion turned from fair to one as black as soot. Now, instead of people respecting him for his knowledge, they insulted him for his looks and darkness often resembles evil and sin. He tried to redeem himself of his looks in many ways such as praying and mantras, but still his colour remained. On hearing of Nilkanthvarni's divine powers, the Brahmin went to Nilkanthvarni and fell to his feet and prayed to Him to free him of his sins.

Nilkanthvarni obliged by whispering a guru mantra in his ear. At this instant the Brahmin's original complexion was restored.

The Brahmin asked Nilkanthvarni the reason for his becoming black. Nilkanthvarni simply replied, "Greed! One should simply, pleasingly accept gifts offered, not request them.' The Brahmin became Nilkanthvarni's disciple. Nilkanthvarni left Sirpur and recommenced His journey along with the other Siddhas and came to a town where the Kamakshi Devi Temple was situated.