Move to Ayodhya


hanshyam was now two years old. After the incident with Kalidatta and the other threatening incidents, Dharmadev and Bhaktimata feared for Ghanshyam's safety from Asur's. They therefore decided to leave Chhapaiya. Gathering all their essential household items, they put them into a cart and then set for Ayodhya. On the way, they came to a river, Saryu where they all took a holy bath. Crossing the river, they entered Ayodhya and soon arrived at their old house. 

In Ayodhya, Ghanshyam always took an early bath in Saryu. He prayed to Shree Hari Krishna and also listened attentively to Ramayan recitals. Ghanshyam was also given religious lessons by Dharmadev. In the same year, Vaisakh, Sud 2, Sunday, Ichharam was born. In the same month on the 12 Monday Ghanshyam was taught his alphabet. Dharmadev gave presents on the first day. 

Dharmadev also gave religious lessons to other men, whilst Bhaktimata, with blessings from Dharmadev, gave religious teaching to ladies. It is a parent's duty to teach their children and just let them watch television or play around all the time. 

Ghanshyam would listen to His fathers teaching very carefully and remembered it forever. He was taught 'Stotras' (shloks) and was made to read from scriptures one by one. He remembered all the scriptures by heart.