Nitya Niyam

  • Aarti

    Aarti Jay Sadguru Swami, Prabhu Jay Sadguru Swami Sahajananda Dayalu (2) Balvanta Bahunami ....Jay.... Hail to Sahajanand Swami, who is an eminent preceptor and who is omniscient. Sahajanand is gracious and compassionate. He has many names and great divine prowess Charansaroj Tamara, Vandu Karjodi (2) Charane Shish Dharyathi (2) Dukha Nakhya Read More
  • Dhun

    Dhun Ramkrushna Govind Jay Jay Govind, Hare Rama Govind Jay Jay Govind, Narayan Hare Shrimannarayan Hare, Shrimannarayan Hare, Shrimannarayan Hare, Krushnadev Hare, Jay Jay Krushnadev Hare, Jay Jay Krushnadev Hare, Jay Jay Krushnadev hare, Vasudev Hare Jay Jay Vasudev Hare, Jay Jay Vasudev Hare, Read More
  • Krushnataka

    Krushnataka Naveenajeemootasamanavarnam Ratnollasatkundala shobhikarnam Mahakireetagramayuraparnam Shree Radhikakrushnamaham namami ...1 I bow down to Shree Radha-Krishna Dev, Whose color looks like as the color of a New Cloud. Whose ears are decorated with Jewels earings. Whose crown is decorated with the Feathers of Peacock Nidhaya panidwitayen venum Nijadhare shekharayatrenum Ninadayantam ch gatau Read More
  • Prathna

    Prathna Nirvikalp uttam ati nishchay tava Ghanshyam Mahatmyagnanayut bhakti tava ekantik sukhadham ....1 Excellant doubtless determination is that Ghanshyam is the Supreme Lord. One who does your devotion with the knowledge of your importanceis your devotee wedded to a single aim. Mohimen tava bhaktapano, tamen koi prakar Dosh na rahe koi Read More
  • Shloka

    Shloka Vishvesha chho sakala vishvatana vidhat, Data tame sakal mangala shanti data, Mate tamarun karunanidhee satya nama, Sashtanga natha tamane karun hun pranama Oh God you are omnipresent, you are the creator of whole universe, you are the protector, you are the giver of auspicious and peace. Therefore your external of Read More
  • Chesta

    Chesta When the Lord had left his mortal body and returned to his divine abode, the devotees were in a state of mourning. Both Acharyas went to seek solace in the elder saints and asked them to give courage to the devotees.Gopalanand Swami (whom maharaj had entrusted the acharyas to) instructed Read More
  • Ora Aawo

    Ora Aawo Oraa Aavo Shyaam Snehi Oraa Aavo Shyaam Snehi, Sundar Var Jou Vhaalaa,Oh my dearest (dark complexioned) friend, come close to me, so that I can see you my beautiful companion (husband), Jatan Karine Jivan Maaraa, Jeevmaahi Prou Vhaalaa ... 1O dearest, You are the sustainer of my life and therefore, with Read More
  • Have Maara Vhaalaane

    Have Maara Vhaalaane Have Maaraa Vhaalaa Ne Nahi Re Visaaru Re; From now on, I will not forget my dearest Svaasuchavaase Te Nitya Sambhaaru Re ... 1 As I always think (remember) of him with my every breath. Padyu Maare Sahajanandjee Nu Paanu Re; I have established (befallen upon me) a relationship with Sahajanandjee Read More
  • Re Shyaam tame

    Re Shyaam tame Re Shyam Tame Saachunaanu, Biju Sarve Dukhdaayak Jaanu... Re Shyam...O Lord (one with a dark complexion you are the real wealth. Everything else is considered to bring unhappiness and suffering.Re Tam Vinaa Sukhsampat KahaaveO It is said that all the wealth and happiness without you,Teto Sarve Mahadukh Upjaave;That all creates Read More
  • Podhe Prabhu

    Podhe Prabhu Podhe Prabhu Sakal Munike Shyaam; Shree Hari(Lord), who is the lord (one with a dark complexion) of all the saints is about to rest(sleep) for the night. Narnarayan Divya Murti; Swaminarayan Divya Murti, Santanke Vishraam ... Podhe ... 1 The divine form of Lord Narnarayan and Lord Swaminarayan is the resting place Read More
  • Vandu Sahajanand

    Vandu Sahajanand Vandu Sahajanand Rasroop, Anupam Saarne Re Lola; I bow to Lord Sahajanand, who has an exquisite appearance, and is the unique essence of everything. Jene Bhajta Choote Fand, Kare Bhav Paarne Re Lola ...1 By worshipping him one is (does become) liberated from the worldly trap and overcomes the cycle Read More
  • Podho Podho

    Podho Podho Podho Podho Sahajanand Swami;Please sleep Lord Sahajanand (giver of natural happiness) Akhiyaama Nindaraa Bharaani Re ... Podho ... 1Your eyes are full of tiredness Haa Re Tame Maathethi Paagh Utaarore;O Lord, please (can you) remove (take off) the turban from the top (your head) Pachi Tame Banaatni Topi Dhaaro Re ... Podho ... 2And Read More
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