No time to rest

Nilkantvarni came to the town of Piplana where Narshi Methra lived with his family. Narshi Methra was a devotee of Shri Krishna. Kalyanji, the son of Narshi Methra, saw Nilkantvarni as he passed through the town. He thought of Nilkantvarni as a young and knowledgeable person, who certainly seemed as if he was in a rush.

Kalyanji invited Nilkantvarni to come to his home for a rest and food. Nilkantvarni who was in a hurry said, "I have no time for rest, I must move on". "However, I will come with you if you give me whatever food you have ready." Kalyanji agreed and took Nilkantvarni with him. When they reached home Kalyanji insisted that he would prepare some food for Nilkantvarni. Nilkantvarni again said that he was in a rush and requested Kalanji only to give him what was ready. Kalyanji ignored Nilkantvarni's request and continued to cook. Nilkantvarni would not wait and started walking away from the house. At this time Narshi Methra was performing his pooja which consisted of a Shaligram. As Nilkantvarni walked past the pooja, a beam of light projected from the Shaligram onto the innocent face of Nilkantvarni. Kalyanji, Narshi Methra and others who were present saw this spectacular scene. Narshi Methra questioned why Nilkantvarni was walking away from his humble home. Nilkantvarni told him of Kalyanji's insistence and that he was in a rush. Narshi Methra called Nilkantvarni back and offered him some millet and milk. Nilkantvarni accepted and lovingly ate this offering. Nilkantvarni showed His appreciation and gave Narshi Methra darshan of the ten four armed avtars on Nilkantvarni. On seeing this Narshi Methra saw that Nilkantvarni was the Lord supreme and he honoured Him in a proper manner.