In Search of the Lord

Nilkantvarni left Shriman Peshra and came to Panchvati, also on the bank of the river Godavri. It was here that Lord Rama did fourteen years of 'Vanvas', residing in exile and anonymity. Soon Nilkantvarni came to Nasik, the place where Laxman cut off the nose of Surpankha, the sister of Ravan. Nilkantvarni resided here for a few days and then recommenced His journey. He walked for about forty kilometres to Trayambkeshwar where there is a Mahadev temple, in which you will find one of the twelve Joytilings. Having performed His darshan, Nilkantvarni continued walking North, eventually coming to the outskirts of a village called Dhulia where He stopped and rested on the bank of the river Godavri.

A young boy named Bhagavandas lived in Dhulia with his mother who was very religious. One day, the mother told Bhagavandas to leave home in search of Bhagwan and not return without Him else she would kill herself. Bhagavandas wanted to obey his mother's request but said, "Mother, how will I recognise the Lord?" The mother replied, "He will have cheen on His feet and will walk with no shadow." Bhagavandas left home in search for this supreme being. Soon he came to the river Godavri on the outskirts of the village and decided to bathe in the river. As he was about to enter the water, Nilkantvarni, who sat nearby, called out to Bhagavandas and asked, "Where are you going?" "What do you wish?" Puzzled as to who this person was, Bhagavandas walked up to Nilkantvarni and told Him of his quest in search for the Lord. Nilkantvarni blessed him and praised him for obeying his mother and for following the righteous path. "You will meet the Lord you seek," said Nilkantvarni, "But first sit beside me and see the open feet of mine." "I have treaded upon many thorns while crossing the river, please help me by removing them for me." Bhagavandas agreed and as he gently took Nilkantvarni's bare foot onto his lap, he became amazed. He began removing the thorns and the Cheen on Nilkantvarni's feet became more and more apparent. Bhagavandas's quest was successful and to complete his mothers request, he asked Nilkantvarni to visit their home to meet his mother. Nilkantvarni agreed and followed Bhagavandas to his home. Upon Nilkantvarni's arrival, the mother became fulfilled with unlimited joy of realisation and prayed at the feet of Nilkantvarni.

Nilkantvarni left Dhulia and continued on to Malegao, Dharampur and on to Surat. He bathed in the river Tapi, continued walking and then came to the river Narbada and to a town called Bharuch.