Converting those who do not see the Lord

Nilkantvarni left Bharuch and eventually came to a town called Lodhawa. Many devotees of Atmanand Swami lived here and one of them was a lady called Lakhubai. She was of the 'Charan' Jath, a family of poets. Lakhubai was a strong devotee of Atmanand Swami and hence also believed that Bhagwan had no shape or Nirakar. She lived her life in a manner that would please Atmanand Swami. 

When Lakhubai found that Nilkantvarni had come to the town, she went to greet him and requested him to stay for three months. Nilkantvarni knew the fault in Lakhubai's devotion so agreed to stay, but He insisted that they would discuss religion. During the three months Lakhubai would serve Nilkantvarni to the best of her ability and they discussed the concepts of the religion. Lakhubai told Nilkantvarni of her devotion. Knowing Lakhubai's fault, Nilkantvarni tried to change this and make her see the correct path. He would read scriptures which Atmanand Swami followed and they discussed many things. After the end of the three months, Lakhubai was convinced that Bhagwan did have a shape and that when meditating one must think of Bhagwan as a human form. Having convinced Lakhubai, Nilkantvarni left the town.