The journey North from India's most Southern Tip

Having left Bhutpuri, Nilkantvarni came to a place called Kanyakumari near the southern tip of India. The place was named after the goddess Kanya Kumari who was sent by Lord Vishnu to conquer the demon Banasur who harassed Devlok Gods. The Devs and Devis went to Lord Vishnu and pleaded for His assistance. Lord Vishnu ordered them to perform a Yagna (sacrifice) and from this Havan the conqueror of the demon would be born. Having had darshan of Kanya Kumari, Nilkantvarni continued His journey, now moving Northwards along the West coast until He came to Padmanabh. After having darshan of Lord Padmanabh, whose statue is in a laid down posture and measuring sixteen feet long, Nilkantvarni came to Janardan. Here he paid homage to Lord Shiva and then went on to the Adi Keshav temple at Trivattar.

At this temple, some two thousand evil persons came to assassinate Nilkantvarni as He had converted many people to become His followers. King Sumati reigned Trivattar and was a religious man who also became a devotee of Nilkantvarni. Knowing the intention of these evil persons, the king sent his army to protect Nilkantvarni. Nilkantvarni preached to the people of trivattar under the protection of the kings guards. Nilkantvarni preached high morality and the real way to achieve salvation. Nilkantvarni left Trivattar and came to a forest of sandal wood, its trees intertwined and released their fine fragrance. In this forest was a Saxi Gopal temple where He did darshan of Saxigopal (Lord Vishnu) and rested here for five days. Nilkantvarni recommenced His journey and passing through Kishkindha, Nilkantvarni came to Pampa Sarovar (lake) where He took a bath. He walked on and came to Pandhali Kapoor, now known as Pandharpur, on the banks of the river Chandrabhaga.

The town inherited its name after a brahmin called Pandalik. Pandalik devotedly served his elderly parents just as he would God. Bhagwan saw this and wanted to test his commitment to their service. Bhagwan appeared as a brahmin at their house asking for Biksha (alms). At this time however, Pandalik was engrossed in serving his parents. Even though he couldn't leave while serving his parents, he thought that he must give something to this brahmin. Pandalik picked up a stone nearest to him and thought of it as gold. He through it to the brahmin and said, "This is all that I can offer you at the moment". In its flight the stone miraculously turned to gold. Bhagwan was satisfied that Pandalik's devotion to his parents was true.

Nilkantvarni stayed in Pandhali Kapoor for two months, taking a bath everyday in the river Chandrabhaga and paying homage to Vithalesh Bhagwan (Lord Vishnu). Here almost two thousand persons became Nilkanvarni's devotees, following His preaching. He gave them the knowledge of His real form (Bxsj) and preached to them about Bhakti (Devotion) and Dharma (Duty). Nilkantvarni left Pandhali Kapoor and set off towards the Dandakaranya Forest.