In the town where the kamakshi Devi Temple was situated, there lived a Brahmin called Pibek. He was a follower of Mahakali. He was a good Brahmin but became evil natured as he kept the company of evil spirits and read bad scriptures. He used his black magic to torment the town's people. He harassed all satsangis and wanted them to consider him as God. When Nilkanthvarni arrived with the siddhas, Pibek approached them. He told them to take off their kanthis and follow his path otherwise he would get evil spirits to attack them. The siddhas became frightened and looked to Nilkanthvarni for help. Nilkanthvarni said, "Pibek may be big in his town but he is not bigger than bhagwan." He comforted the siddhas and knowing that evil spirits would not attack those who believed in bhagwan, Nilkanthvarni asked Pibek to try and kill him first. Seeing this small child unafraid and attempting to challenge his authority, Pibek became very angry. In attempt to show them his powers, Pibek dried a nearby beautiful tree and with an evil laugh, he said, "if you don't become my followers, the same will become of you." Nilkanthvarni replied, "if you are so powerful, give this tree life and restore it to its former condition." Pibek looked in despair as he knew he could not do it. "You are not worthy of devotion," said Nilkanthvarni. "You can take life away but you cannot give life." As Nilkanthvarni said this, he took some water from his water pot (kamandal) and sprinkled it over the tree. Miraculously, green once again grew from the branches of the tree and life was restored to it. Pibek was made to look embarrassed and this only increased his rage. He therefore called upon his evil spirits to attack Nilkanthvarni but to his surprise, they did Him no harm. Pibek called more evil spirits but again they left Nilkanthvarni alone and instead they turned on him. Pibek was left beaten and unconscious on the ground. When he woke, he realized that his powers were nothing compared to this Supreme Being. He admitted that his powers were false and that the true power was within Nilkanthvarni. Pibek begged for forgiveness and asked Nilkanthvarni to take him as his disciple. Pibek became a proper disciple and followed the righteous path laid down by the Holy Scriptures.

Nilkanthvarni stayed here for a month. He requested that the siddhas go around India, preaching Dharma, bhakti and Vairagya. He then continued His Vanvicharan and soon came to Navlakha Mountains, better known as Chittergong Hills in Bangladesh.