Sarjudas finally meets Ramanand Swami

Sarjudas was delighted that He was soon to meet Ramanand Swami and he stayed on at the ashram. Sarjudas taught one of the most difficult of yoga's to the other saints, namely, Ashtang Yoga ( ). Obtaining the powers of this yoga would mean that you could achieve any goals that you may set yourself. However, if these powers are abused, they will be lost and to regain them would be impossible. The month of Vaishakh came and went. Ramanand Swami was expected in Piplana during this month and when Ramanand Swami didn't arrive, Sarjudas again wanted to set off to meet him. Muktanand Swami reasoned with Sarjudas and persuaded Him to wait just a little while longer.

During Sarjudas' stay at the ashram, he witnessed many of the wrongs that were being performed by devotees and those occurring in the ashram itself. Sarjudas made them block up a window in the kitchen wall of the ashram where utensils and spices were being passed through by women to the saints. Sarjudas explained that contact or talk with women should only be done in extreme necessity. Sarjudas stopped mixed sabhas, explaining the significance of holding separate sabhas between men and women. The towns people considered Sarjudas to be someone special, for someone of such a young age and new to the ashram to have so much influence on running the ashram and its Dharma.

Meanwhile Ramanand Swami and other devotees left Bhuj for Piplana. On their arrival, Narshi Methra honoured and greeted Ramanand Swami and took them to his home. From Narshi Methra's house Ramanand Swami sent a messenger named Kumarjeet to Loej, indicating his arrival and inviting Muktanand Swami and Sarjudas to come to Piplana. Sarjudas and other saddus were overjoyed on hearing this news and Sarjudas urged them to leave for Piplana immediately.

They all set off at a great pace for Piplana. During His stay at the ashram however, Sarjudas was performing Chandrayan Vrat, (Whereby Sarjudas would eat one small ladvo of food a day, increasing this by one daily. Upon reaching seven ladvos, He would again resume at one Ladvo.) This had lead to Sarjudas becoming very thin and weak. After walking for some distance, Sarjudas fell to the ground from exhaustion. The other saddhus helped raise Sarjudas to his feet and sat Him down to rest. Sarjudas was requested to rest but he was so determined to meet Ramanand Swami that He wanted to continue. The Saddhus suggested that if He really wanted to continue, Sarjudas should practise one of the yoga's to give Him the strength. Sarjudas did as they requested and immediately He arose and started walking. He walked faster than before, leaving the saints well behind. The River Ojswathi lay across the route to Piplana and Sarjudas was the first to reach its bank. The Ojswathi was a wide river and boats were usually used to get across to the opposite side. Sarjudas couldn't wait for the boat and swam across the river, overcoming the wild waves. When Sarjudas reached the other side, the other saddhus were still crossing the river by boat. Sarjudas thought to himself that continuing alone would be unfair as they also wanted to meet Ramanand Swami as quickly as possible. Sarjudas therefore waited for them and they all continued their journey on foot together.

They arrived in Piplana in the morning and met Ramanand Swami before noon on Jeth Vadh 12 ST 1856. On seeing Ramanand Swami, Sarjudas prostrated before him and the other saddhus followed His actions. Being only a humble servant of the Lord, Ramanand Swami felt embarrassed that the true Lord was bowing at his feet. Ramanand Swami picked Sarjudas up, holding Him by His shoulders and embraced Him. This was a very emotional occasion for everybody at the meeting as tears of joy crept down the cheeks of Ramanand Swami, dropping onto Sarjudas' shoulder.

Ramanand Swami asked Sarjudas to sit beside him and asked about His birth place, and His parents names. Sarjudas replied, "I was born in Chappaiya to Dharmdev and Bhaktimata." Ramanand Swami told Sarjudas of having met Dharmdev and Bhaktimata many years ago and that he had given them diksha. Upon hearing this Sarjudas requested that He would be honoured of Ramanand Swami could also give diksha to Him, like he had given to His parents.