900,000 Blessings

The Navlakha Mountains were the home for 900,000 Siddhas who were performing tapasya. All these siddhas had their own place to perform tapasya and beautiful green grass and hot and cols springs surround the area. Blessings each of these Siddhas would be difficult for many but Nilkanthvarni projected 900,000 images of Himself so that He could bless them all at once. Nilkanthvarni met the head of the 900,000 siddhas and asked why they were performing tapasya, the siddhas replied, "so we can be immortal." Nilkanthvarni said, "I thought you were knowledgeable persons? You value your body more than you value your soul. The body is only a prison for the soul on this earth. You should be performing tapasya to please Bhagwan and purify your soul, so that it may be freed from this prison and reside in Akshardham." The siddhas realized their wrong and asked Nilkanthvarni to show them the right path. 

Nilkanthvarni continued his Vanvicharan and came to Balva Kund where there were hot and cold springs. He then walked Northwest and came to the confluence of the River Ganges and the Bengal Sea. Crossing the confluence by boat, Nilkanthvarni came to Kapilashram, the place where Kapil Bhagwan performed tapasya.