After leaving Piplana, Nilkantvarni came to a village called Mongrol. He came to a Vava, (a pool with steps leading down to it), and after taking a bath, He sat down to meditate. At this time a man called Gordhan also came to the vava for a bath. Gordhan was a devotee of Shri Krishna and also a follower of Ramanand Swami. He saw Nilkantvarni meditating and wondered who this young Brahmin was. Upon seeing the strength of Nilkantvarni's devotion, Gordhan asked Nilkantvarni to accompany him home and he will prepare some food for Him. Nilkantvarni replied, "I am in a hurry and must continue my journey soon," but Gordhan insisted on offering Nilkantvarni some food. Nilkantvarni however compromised with Gordhan and told him to go home and bring back any food that he has already prepared, but this must not be cooked. Gordhan went home and brought back some Sukhadi (wheat flour mixed with Ghee, Curd and then fried) and water. Nilkantvarni ate the sukhadi and complemented Gordhan on its taste. "Who made this sukhadi" asked Nilkantvarni. Gordhan said, "It was made for the religious ceremony after the death of my Aunt (father's sister) Pataliba. Nilkantvarni told Gordhan that their efforts had been wasted because as He spoke, Gordhan's aunt was suffering by the hands of the Yampuri because of her sins.

On hearing this Gordhan was shocked. "How can this be?" he said. "My aunt was a follower of Ramanand Swami and she would do whatever he preached, so how can she be in hell?" Nilkantvarni told Gordhan that his aunt was not as pure as he thought she was and put him in a trance so that he could see for himself what was happening to Pataliba. Gordhan visited hell and saw his aunt being punished and crying out to Gordhan to save her. Gordhan approached Pataliba to grab her and take her away from hell but the Yams beat Gordhan off with sticks and told him that he cannot take her away without the Lords blessing. Gordhan came out of the trance shivering with fear and told Nilkantvarni what he had seen. He asked Nilkantvarni what this strong devotee of Ramanand Swami could have done to deserve this. Nilkantvarni then told Gordhan the reason for her punishment.

Some time ago when Ramanand Swami came to Mongrol, all gifts given to him were handed to Pataliba for safe keeping. After some time Ramanand Swami requested the gifts back in order to help build a temple. Out of greed, Pataliba told Ramanand Swami that she had given them back. Pataliba accused Ramanand Swami of insulting her trust but Ramanand Swami refused to argue back at her and said, "If you say you have given them back, then you must have." However Ramanand swami knew full well that she hadn't. Pataliba was therefore sent to hell for stealing and also for insulting a guru.

Gordhan became silent on listening to the sins that his aunt had committed. Gordhan begged Nilkantvarni to rescue Pataliba, asking if there was any way in which she could be sent to Akshardham. Nilkantvarni told Gordhan that Pataliba would have to take rebirth on earth, but first she must be saved from the Yampuri's. Nilkantvarni said, "I will put you in trance again, go back to hell and bring her to me." Gordhan however remembered his last attempt to rescue Pataliba, when he was beaten by the Yams, and said "How can I defeat those Yams on my own?" Nilkantvarni said, "Think of the Lord when they come to attack you." Gordhan was put in a trance and once again saw Pataliba in hell. He reached out to save her and was beaten by the Yampuri's in an attempt to stop him. Gordhan repeated the Lords name and was able to beat the Yampuri's away. The Yampuri's went to the king of hell, Yamraja, to tell him of Gordhan's attempts to rescue Pataliba. Yamraja became furious and he himself set off to see who this daring person was. On seeing Gordhan and hearing him repeat the Lords name, he realised that this was the act of the Lord Supreme and if he wishes for Pataliba to be saved then they had no option but to set her free. Yamraja ordered the Yampuri's to clear a path for Pataliba and Gordhan who took her back to Nilkantvarni.

Nilkantvarni immediately ordered Pataliba to be taken to Badrikashram so that she could perform penance there for her sins and thereafter, take rebirth to obtain salvation. Having seen Pataliba sent on the right path, Gordhan came out of trance and honoured Nilkantvarni in a proper manner.