Podho Podho

Podho Podho Sahajanand Swami;
Please sleep Lord Sahajanand (giver of natural happiness)
Akhiyaama Nindaraa Bharaani Re ... Podho ... 1
Your eyes are full of tiredness

Haa Re Tame Maathethi Paagh Utaarore;
O Lord, please (can you) remove (take off) the turban from the top (your head)
Pachi Tame Banaatni Topi Dhaaro Re ... Podho ... 2
And thereafter (you) wear (place on) a cotton hat

Haa Re Tame Jarkasi Jaamo Utaarore;
O Lord, please (can you) remove (take off) your overcoat which is adorned/embroidered with golden threads
Pachi Shaal Dushaala Odho Re ... Podho ... 3
And thereafter cover yourself firstly with a thin shawl and then a thicker shawl

Haa Re Tame Kedno Patko Chhodo Re
O Lord, please (can you) unfasten the scarf (belt) from your waist
Pachi Heerkori Dhoti Dharo Re ... Podho ... 4
And thereafter wear a light cloth which has a golden border

Haa Re Podhya Premanandna Swamire;
Premanand's Lord is now sleeping
Sakhi Joi Joi Anand Paami Re ... Podho ... 5
Friends, I attain bliss by viewing this scene