Ora Aawo

Oraa Aavo Shyaam Snehi Oraa Aavo Shyaam Snehi, Sundar Var Jou Vhaalaa,
Oh my dearest (dark complexioned) friend, come close to me, so that I can see you my beautiful companion (husband),
Jatan Karine Jivan Maaraa, Jeevmaahi Prou Vhaalaa ... 1
O dearest, You are the sustainer of my life and therefore, with great care, I want to (do) unite my soul with you.

Chinha Anupam Ango Angna, Surate Sambhaaru Vhaalaa,
O dearest, I recall your divine form by remembering the unique marks on each part of your body.
Nakhshikh Nirkhi Nautam Maaraa, Urmaa Utaaru Vhaalaa ... 2
O dearest, From head to toenail, I want to visualise your ever new form and capture it in my heart.

Arun Kamal Sam Jugalcharanni, Shobhaa Atisaarivaalaa,
O dearest, your feet (pair) are like that of golden lotus flower and are befittingly exceptional.
Chintvan Karvaa Aatoor Ati, Mannvruti Maari Vhaalaa ... 3
O dearest, my mind (focus) is very eager to (do) concentrate upon them.

Pratham Te Chintvan Karu, Sundar Sole Chinha Vhaalaa,
O dearest, Firstly, from amongst those 16 beautiful marks on your feet, I (do) concentrate upon...
Urdhavarekha Opi Rahi, Atishe Naveen Vhaalaa ... 4
O dearest, there is prominent vertical line on your feet which remains exceedingly fresh (new).

Angutha Aangali Vacchethi, Nisrine Aavi Vhaalaa,
O dearest, the line appears (comes) from the space in between the big toe and the little toe.
Paanini Bae Kore Jotaa, Bhakta Ne Mann Bhaavi Vhaalaa ... 5
O dearest, it runs down both (two) side of the heel and this viewing brings pleasure (liking) to the mind of devotees.

Jugal Charanmaa Kahu Manohar, Chinha Tenaa Naam Vhaalaa,
O dearest, I will now say the names of those fascinating (to whom I have lost my mind to) marks on both feet.
Shuddha Mane Kari Sambhaarta, Naash Paame Kaam Vhaalaa ...6
O dearest, remembering them with a (by) clean mind eradicates (becomes free of) all desires

Astakonne Urdhavarekha, Swastik Jaambu Jav Vhaalaa,
O dearest, the Octagon, the Vertical line, the Swastika (equilateral cross with arms bent at right angles), the purple coloured berry fruit, the Barley grain,
Vajra Ankush Ketu Ne Padma, Jamane Page Nav Vhaalaa ... 7
O dearest, the thunder bolt (Lord Indras weapon), the iron hook (used to control elephants), the flag and the lotus flower. These nine marks are found on the right foot.

Trikon Kalash Ne Gopad Sundar, Dhanush Ne Meen Vhaalaa,
O dearest, the triangle, the waterpot, the beautiful footprint belonging to a cow, the bow and the fish,
Ardha Chandra Ne Vyom Saat, Che Daabe Page Chinha Vhaalaa ... 8
O dearest, the Half Moon and the Sky(space). These seven marks are found on the left foot.

Jamanaa Pagnaa Anguthaanaa, Nakhmaahi Chinha Vhaalaa,
O dearest, there is a beautiful mark within the nail of the big toe, on the right foot
Te To Nirkhe Je Koi Bhakta, Pritiae Pravin Vhaalaa ... 9
O dearest, everyone (any) of your devotee observes that mark with skilled (loving) devotion.

Aej Anguthaani Paase, Til Ek Nautam Dhaaru Vhaalaa,
O dearest, next to that same big toe, I concentrate upon one ever new beauty spot
Premanand Kahe Nirkhu Pritae, Praan Lai Vaaru Vhaalaa ... 10
O dearest, I Premanand say that after lovingly observing that beauty spot, I am prepared to offer (take) my life for it.