Have Maara Vhaalaane

Pad - 1
Have Maaraa Vhaalaa Ne Nahi Re Visaaru Re;
From now on, I will not forget my dearest
Svaasuchavaase Te Nitya Sambhaaru Re ... 1
As I always think (remember) of him with my every breath.

Padyu Maare Sahajanandjee Nu Paanu Re;
I have established (befallen upon me) a relationship with Sahajanandjee (giver of natural happiness)
Have Hu To Kem Kari Raakhish Chhaanu Re ... 2
How would I keep this quiet now.

Aavyu Maare Harivar Varvaanu Taanu Re;
Now the time has come to choose Shree Hari as my husband and marry (turn towards) him.
Ae Var Na Mare Kharache Naanu Re ... 3
A husband like that cannot be found even by spending money.

Ae Var Bhaagya Vinaa Nav Aave Re;
A husband like this cannot be obtained without good fortune (bhakti)
Ae Sneha Lagna Vinaa Nav Aave Re ... 4
This love and affection for him cannot be achieved (come) without joining him in matrimony.

Doorijan Mann Re Maane Tem Kehjo Re;
So let all those impious persons (people distanced from the lord) talk (say) about me in accordance to their hearts (minds) content (their understanding)
Swami Maara Rudiyaani Bhiter Rehjo Re ... 5
but my lord I want you to stay in the midst of my heart. (this is all I care about).

Have Hu To Puran Padavi Ne Paami Re;
For now I have achieved the ultimate and complete status Malyaa Mane Niskulanandna Swami Re ... 6
as I have met the Lord of Nishkulanand.

Pad - 2
Have Maaraa Vhaalaa Naa Darshan Saaru Re;
Now, for the (reason) divine vision of my dearest lord,
Harijan Aave Hajaare Hajaaroo Re ... 1
Devotees come in their thousands.

Dholiye Biraaje Sahajanand Swami;
Lord Sahajanand (giver of natural happiness) is seated upon a bedstead.
Puran Purshottam Antar Jaami Re ... 2
The complete supreme being is all knowing (knows what is in my heart).

Sabha Madhye Bethaa Muninaa Vrunda;
My Lord is sitting amidst clusters of saints within the congregation
Tema Shobhe Taare Vintyo Jem Chandra Re ... 3
In that congregation, the Lord's radiating brilliance (befittingly) is like the moon surrounded by the stars.

Durgapur Khel Rachyo Ati Bhaari;
The Lord hosted/organised a very grand raas (playful act) at Gadhada
Bheraa Rame Sadhune Brahmachaari ... 4
Within which, the saints and celibates play together with the Lord.

Taali Paade Upadti Atisaari;
The clapping being performed is very pleasant and is getting louder
Dhunya Thaai Chhoud Lok Thaki Nyaari ... 5
The chanting being performed was special and better than anything that heard in (by) the fourteen realms.

Paaghaldimaa Chhogaliyu Ati Shobhe;
The tassel (fan shape at end of turban) in the Lords turban is extremely befitting
Joi Joi Harijanna Man Lobhe ... 6
the minds of the devotees was deeply attracted (insatiable) to it as they looked at it.

Padhaaryaa Vhaalo Sarve Te Sukhnaa Raashi;
My dearest has arrived (on earth) to pour his ocean of happiness on all
Sahajanand Swami Akshardhamna Vaasi ... 7
He is the Lord Sahajanand Swami (giver of natural happiness) who resides in Akshardham (divine abode)

Bhaangi Maari Janmo Janmni Khaami;
The (My) shortcoming/deficiencies I had for many births are shattered
Malyaa Mane Niskulanandna Swami ... 8
As I have found (Shree Hari) the Lord of Niskulanand.