Uddavji Yadavivas and Shree Krishna were best friends.

When Akurji took Krishna to Mathura, the gopios told Uddavji to bring back Krishna to Vandravan.

When Yadav Kul was about to be wiped out in the near future, Uddavji requested Krishna to give him guidance. Krishna told Uddavji to go to Badrikashram to do. Bearing this in mind Uddavji wrote two poems in sanskirt.

Shreemad Bhagwat describes Uddavji as follows (narrated by Sukmuni) "Uddavji is Krishna's best respected, guider and loved friend. He was a student of Brahaspati and the most learned man.

Krishna sent Uddavji to Gopi and Nandyashoda to remove the sorrow and grief as Krishna was not among them.

Uddavji was very handsome and also wore clothes dressed like Krishna.

Uddavji stayed with Gopisav Yashoda in Gokul for several months to comfort and console their souls.

Shree Krishna taught to Gopi KarmaYog and gave Bhakti Gnan to Uddavji.