Mukundananda Brahmachari

Mukundananda Brahmachari was popularly known as Mulji Brahamachari and during his lifetime he dedicatedly and selflessly served Sahajananda Swami (Lord Shree Swaminarayan).

He was born in the village of Machhiyav in the district of Saurashtra in India. His Parents belonged to the Brahmin caste and he was named Mulji at birth.

From the very young age he became very disillusioned with the materialistic world and left home on a long pilgrimage. During his pilgrimage he came to the town of Loej and here he met Ramananda Swami who preached the teachings of Uddhava Sampradai. Mulji became the disciple of Ramananda Swami, and was later initiated as a Sadhu and was named as Mukundananda Brahmachari. (All those from the Brahmin caste who were not married and took the oath of celibacy and became sadhus were given the honoured title of Brahmachari).

When Ramananda Swami made Sahajananda Swami the head of the Uddhava Sampradai, Mukundananda was asked to serve Sahajananda Swami as his personal attendant.

Mukundananda was a simpleminded person but his devotion to Sahajananda Swami was unshakable. He believed in extreme purity of mind and thought and practiced sincere celibacy. Sahajananda Swami was so impressed with the dedication and the selfless service of Mukundananda that he always made a point of praising him when in the presence of other disciples.

Wherever Sahajananda Swami went Mukundananda was always with him and would cook his meals and attend to his personal needs. There are many stories written about Mukundanada describing the selfless dedication and devotion he showed when serving Sahajananda Swami. Once Sahajananda Swami had held a gathering of all the sadhus and Mukundananda had fallen asleep. Brahmananda Swami pointed this out to Sahajananda Swami but he did not take any action. Suddenly Mukundanda got up, lifted Sahajananda Swami together with his seat and rushed out of the room. Everyone wondered what was happening, but then Mukundananda woke up and realised his mistake. He apologised to his master and said that he was dreaming that a house in which Sahajananda Swami was staying was on fire and that he was only trying to save him from any harm. Sahajananda Swami stated that even in his sleep Mukundananda remained alert and never forgot his duty.

Having served Sahajananda Swami for many years and having received his divine blessings he then became a 'poojari' at the temple in Gadhada and served the main deity, Shree Gopinathji Maharaj. He undertook this task with great devotion and reverence.

He left this earth and joined his master, Lord Swaminarayan, in Akshardham on the Amavasya day (last day) of the month of Bhadrava in the v. s. year 1904.