Bharat Khand

It is written in many (Shastras/Granths) including Shrimad Bhagvat that it is very difficult to be born as a human being in Bharat khand. It takes about 100 births punya to be born as a human being in Bharat khand. Even Indra and other Devtas wish that they get to take a birth in India and get a Moksha. It has been said, "Moksha can only be achieved by taking a birth in India as a human being and then pray to Bhagwan with Dharma, Gnan, Vairagya and Bhakti.

Where is Bharat Khand?
There are 14 Loks in this Universe, in which Mrutyulok is the best one.

In Mrutyulok, there are 7 Dveeps(island/samudra), in which Jambu dveep is the best one

In Jambu-dhveep, there are 9 Khands (Continents). In which Indian sub-continent (Bharat Khand) is the BEST. There is only one place in the whole Universe to achieve Moksha and that is Bharat Khand. That's why nothing in 14 Loks can even come close to Bharat Khand.

In Bharat Khand, there are 25.5 Desh (divisions or countries) which are considered under Indian sub-continent.

However, only 12.5 out of 25 Desh (divisions) are the best in Indian sub-continent because in these 12.5 divisions a person would find a true Sadguru. The 12.5 divisions are listed as following: 1. Purva (East), 2. Vraj, 3. Malav, 4. Maru, 5. Punjab, 6. Gujarat, 7. Dakshin (South), 8. Malbar, 9. Tilung (Tamil), 10. Dravid, 11. Barmalar, 12. Sorath (in Gujarat), 12.5 1/2 Kutchh (in Gujarat).

In only these 12.5 Desh, you can find a true and True Saint. A person who is born in one of these 12.5 Desh will be most likely understand the concept of Dharm, Gnan, Vairagya, Bhakti and find a way to achieve Moksha because there are many Avtars that Bhagwan took in these 12.5 Desh and so these Desh are considered to be the best.

A person in India who tries to achieve Moksha and has a True Saint will get the Moksha. Anyone who does not try will not get Moksha and will go back into the cycle of 84 Lakhs (8.4 Million) of Janam-Marans (birth-death) in different species (lives) throughout the world.

If you have not committed sin yet and are not a true devotee (meaning not having dharma, gnan, vairagya and bhakti) of God then once you die, you will get to stay in one of the loks which are above mrityu lok until you run out of good karma. After that, you will return upon earth and go through the cycle of 8.4 million different lives. If you get birth in India and in one of the above 12.5 desh and do not pray to God then you have blown an opportunity of a lifetime.