Gujarati Class


Applications Closed

We are proud to announce the start of the new structured Gujarati classes which will be starting in September. These classes will run every Saturday from 4.30pm to 6pm and will be open to children who are in Year 1 onwards. There will be a set syllabus which will allow the children to start learning the barakhri, and then develop towards obtaining a GCSE in Gujarati. The lessons will be taught using a variety of different methods to engage the children, such as singing rhymes to learn the alphabet, in order to help them speak, read and write our mother tongue. All of our teachers will be DBS checked to ensure your children's safety, and not only will the classes be free of charge but the textbooks will also be provided at no cost!

Studies have shown that those who speak multiple languages also benefit in various other skills such as improved memory and better multitasking ability. So not only will your children be learning our mother language of Gujarati, but they will also gain several other advantages in terms of their education and future work life. Therefore, we would greatly appreciate your support in ensuring your children attend every lesson and complete their homework each week. Encouraging your children to speak Gujarati at home will also boost their confidence in the classes, as there will be great emphasis on speaking Gujarati during their lessons to enable their learning. 

For other questions you may have please email us at GujaratiClass@swaminarayanwales.org.uk