Shravan Sud 8, Saturday 18 Aug 2018

Vandu Sahajanand

Pad - 1
Vandu Sahajanand Rasroop, Anupam Saarne Re Lola;
I bow to Lord Sahajanand, who has an exquisite appearance, and is the unique essence of everything.
Jene Bhajta Choote Fand, Kare Bhav Paarne Re Lola ...1
By worshipping him one is (does become) liberated from the worldly trap and overcomes the cycle of birth and death.

Samru Pragat Roop Sukhdhaam, Anupam NaamNe Re Lola;
I remember the unique name of the Lord's manifest (live) form, which is the abode of happiness.
Jene Bhav Brahmaadik Dev, Bhaje Taji Kaamne Re Lola ... 2
Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma and others deities alike also worship him having forsaken all desires.

Je Hari Aksharbrahm, Aadhar, Paar Koi Nav Lahe Re Lola;
Shree Hari (the lord) is the ultimate support of Akshar (imperishable) and Brahm (ever expanding) and no one is (not) able to decipher/acquire his secrets.
Jene Shesh Sahastra Mukh Gaaye, Nigam Neti Kahe Re Lola ... 3
Lord Seshnarayan, with his thousand mouths, sing the praises of the Lord whom the Vedas (say) can't describe or quantify.

Varnavu Sundar Roop Anup, Jugal Charne Nami Re Lola;
I describe the unparalleled and beautiful form of Shree Hari by bowing at the pair of his lotus feet.
Nakhshikh Premsakhina Naath, Raho Oorma Rami Re Lola ...4
From top (head) to bottom (toenail) you are the Lord of your friend Premsakhi (loving friend) who is asking you to remain (play) in his heart.

Pad - 2
Aavo Maaraa Mohan Mithdaa Laal Ke, Jou Taari Murti Re Lola;
Welcome my enchanting sweet beloved (son) so that I can see your divine form.
Jatan Kari Raakhu Rasiyaa Raaj, Visaaru Nahi Oorthi Re Lola ...1
I want to look after (keep) you with (by) care, my beloved lord (king), and do not want to (forget) get you out of my heart.

Mann Maaru Mohyu Mohanlal, Paaghaldini Bhaatma Re Lola;
My enchanting lord, my mind is attracted towards the design of your turban.
Aavo Ora Chogala Khosu Chel, Khaantila (energetic one) Jaau Khaantmaa Re Lola ... 2
Come near, my lord, as I want to insert more tassels in your turban and admire you (carefully) O joyful one.

Vhaalaa Taaru Jhalke Sundar Bhaal, Tilak Rudaa Karyaa Re Lola;
My dearest you have a shining (beautiful) forehead on which there is (you have placed) a beautiful 'tilak'(udharvapundra religious mark)
Vhaalaa Taara Vaam Karanmaa Til, Tene Mandaa Haryaa Re Lola ...3
My dearest on your left ear there is a mole which has won over my mind.

Vhaalaa Taari BhrakutiNe Baane Shyaam, Kaaraj Maara Koriya Re Lola;
My dearest dark complexioned one, your bow shaped eyebrows have pierced my heart and thus completed my goal
Nene Taare Premsakhina NaathKe, Chit Maaraa Choriya Re Lola ... 4
O Lord of Premsakhi (loving friend), your eyes have stolen my mind and concentration.

Pad - 3
Vhaalaa Mane Vash Kidhi Vraj Raaj, Vaalap Taaraa Vaalmaa Re Lola;
My dearest, (you are) My dearest king of Vraj (forest area near agra) and my affectionate friend, I have been enticed by your love and affection.
Mann Maaru Talpe Jovaa Kaaj, Tibakdi Che Gaalma Re Lola ... 1
My mind is impatient and yearning (in order) to see that dimple in your cheek

Vhaalaa Taari Naasika Namni Naath, Adharbimb Laal Che Re Lola;
My dearest Lord, Your nose, is beautifully curved and the upper lip is reflecting red colour
Chhela Maara Praan Karu Kurbaan, Joyaa Jevi Chaal Che Re Lola... 2
My handsome Lord, I want to (do) sacrifice my life for your style of walking which is fascinating to see.

Vhaalaa Taara Dant Daadamna Bij, Chaturaai Chhaavtaa Re Lola;
My Dearest, your teeth are like the seeds of a pomegranate and you use them so cleverly to chew
Vhaalaa Maaraa Praan Haro Cho Naath, Mithu Mithu Gaavtaa Re Lola ... 3
My dearest Lord, your sweet singing voice is making my soul (life) lose control.

Vhaalaa Taare Hasve Haraanu Chitta, Biju Have Nava Gamae Re Lola;
My dearest, I have completely lost my mind to your laughter and now I have come to dislike everything else.
Mann Maaru Premsakhina Naath Ke, Tam Kede Bhame Re Lola ... 4
My mind, O Lord of Premsakhi (loving friend), is wandering behind you and going wherever you go.

Pad - 4
Rasiyaa Joi Rupaari Kot, Rudi Rekhaavari Re Lol;
My joyful Lord, I now view your beautiful neck which has elegantly formed lines (skin fold)
Vhaalaa Maaru Mandu Malvaa Chhay, Ke Jaay Chitdu Chali Re Lol ... 1
My dearest, the heart (mind) is full of desire to embrace (meet) you, as a result my mind (conscious) is getting impatient (swayed).

Vhaalaa Taari Jamani Bhujaane Paas, Rudaa Til Chaar Che Re Lol;
My dearest, near your right upper arm there are four beautiful beauty spots
Vhaalaa Taaraa Kanth Vachhe Til Ek, Anupam Saar Che Re Lol ... 2
My dearest, in the mid section of your throat there is one beauty spot which is of unparalleled description (essence)

Vhaalaa Taaraa Oorma Vingun Haar, Joi Nenaa Thare Re Lol;
My dearest, you have a necklace on your chest (heart) which has indescribable quality and by looking at it my eyes are satiated.
Vhaalaa Te To Jaane Premijan, Joi Nitya Dhyaan Dhare Re Lol ... 3
My dearest, by knowing (seeing) all of this, your loving devotees focus and meditate upon you always

Rasiyaa Joi Tamaaru Roop, Rasik Jan Gheldaa Re Lol;
My joyful lord, by seeing your form the affectionate devotees become ecstatic
Aavo Vhaalaa Premsakhinaa Naath, Sundarvar Chheldaa Re Lol ... 4
My dearest Lord of Premsakhi (Loving friend), come near as you are the most attractive and blissful.

Pad - 5
Vhaalaa Taari Bhujaa Jugal Jagdish, Joine Jaau Vaarane Re Lol;
My dearest (who is the king of this world), after seeing your beautiful pair of upper arms, I want to (go) introduce (welcome) myself to you.
Karnaa Latkaa Kartaa Laal, Aavo Ne Maare Baarne Re Lol ... 1
My beloved (son), whilst gracefully moving your hands, come to my abode.

Vhaala Taari Aangaliyoni Rekhaa, Nakhmani Joine Re Lol;
My dearest, when viewing the lines of your fingers and precious stone like nails,
Vhaalaa Maaraa Chhitmaa Raakhu Chori, Kahu Nahi Koine Re Lol ... 2
My dearest, I secretly store (hide) that view in my heart (consciousness) and do not reveal it to anyone.

Vhaalaa Taaraa Oormaa Anupam Chhaap, Jovaane Jeeva Aakaro Re Lol;
My dearest, on your heart (chest), there is a unique impression that my soul impatient to observe.
Vhaalaa Maaraa Haide Harakh Na Maay, Jaanu Je Hamanaa Malo Re Lol ... 3
My dearest, the heart's joy cannot be contained knowing that we will meet soon.

Vhaalaa Taaru Udar Ati Rasroop, Shital Sadaa Naathji Re Lol;
My dearest lord, the shape of your stomach has very exquisite appearance which always stays cool
Aavo Oraa Premsakhina Praan, Malu Bhari Baathji Re Lol ... 4
Come close, oh soul (life) of Premsakhi (loving friend), I will greet you with a fulfilling embrace.

Pad - 6
Vhaalaa Taari Murti Ati Rasroop, Rasik Joine Jivae Re Lol;
My dearest, Affectionate devotees live to see your image, which has a very exquisite appearance.
Vhaalaa Ae Rasnaa Chaakhanhaar, Chaas Te Nav Pive Re Lol... 1
My dearest, those who tasted that nectar buttermilk (juice) like image, do not desire to drink anything else (ie standard buttermilk)

Vhaalaa Maare Sukh Sampat Tame Shyaam, Mohan Mann Bhaavta Re Lol;
My dearest dark complexioned one, you are my happiness and wealth and in my mind there is fascination and fondness for you.
Aavo Maare Mandir Jeevan Praan, Hasine Bolaavta Re Lol ... 2
My Lord (life-force), I smilingly call upon you and invite you to come and grace my residence (heart).

Vhaalaa Taaru Roop Anupam Gaur, Murti Mannmaa Gamae Re,Lol;
My dearest, your unique and fair skinned form (image) is stored (enjoyed) in my mind.
Vhaalaa Taaru Joban Jovaa Kaaj, Ke Chhit Charne Namae Re Lol ... 3
My dearest, my conscious is prepared to bow at your lotus feet in order to see your youthful appearance

Aavo Maaraa Rasiyaa RajivNen, Maram Kari Boltaa Re Lol;
Come close to me (my) O joyful one with lotus eyes and deliver to me your quintessential discourse (by unraveling the essence).
Aavo Vhaalaa Premsakhina Sen, Mandir Maare Doltaa Re Lol ... 4
My dearest (lotus flower like one), come and sway within (my residence - heart) me (Premsakhi - Loving friend)

Pad - 7
Vhaalaa Taaru Roop Anupam Naath, Udar Shobhaa Ghani Re Lol;
My dearest lord, your beauty (form) is unparalleled and your stomach is very attractive (befitting)
Trivari Jovu Sundar Chel, Aavone Oraa Ama Bhani Re Lol ... 1
My lord, the three folds of skin round your stomach are very beautiful and if you come near I can have a closer look (study it).

Vhaalaa Taari Naabhi Nautam Roop, Undi Ati Gor Che Re Lol;
My dearest, your belly button is deep and extremely round which has ever new beauty (form).
Katilank Joine Jaadavrai, Ke Mann Rangchor Che Re Lol ... 2
Oh king of 'Jadavs' (Shree Krishna's clan), seeing the curve of your waist, my mind is full of colourful enthusiasm and joy.

Vhaalaa Taari Jangha Jugalni Shobhaa, Mannma Joi Rahu Re Lol;
My dearest, my mind is never tired of (keeps) seeing the beauty of your (both) thighs.
Vhaalaa Nitya Nirkhu Pindine Paani, Koine Nav Kahu Re Lol ... 3
My dearest, I am always concentrating on the calves down to the heels and do not tell anyone about it

Vhaalaa Taara Charan Kamalnu Dhyaan, Dharu Ati Hetma Re Lol;
My dearest, I focus and meditate on your lotus feet, with great (extra) affection
Aavo Vhaalaa Premsakhina Naath, Raakhu Maaraa Chhitmaa Re Lol ... 4
Come to me my dearest Lord, says Premsakhi (loving friend). I want to keep your image in my heart (conscious)

Pad - 8
Vhaalaa Taaraa Jugal Charan Rasroop, Vakhaanu Vhaalmaa Re Lol;
O dearest, your lotus feet (pair) have an exquisite appearance and I praise them with affection.
Vhaalaa Ati Komal Arun Rasaala, Chore Chhit Chaalmaa Re Lol ... 1
O dearest, they (your feet) are very soft and red luster (sunrise) in tone and they steal my attention (conscious) when you walk.

Vhaalaa Taare Jamane Anghuthe Til, Ke Nakhmaa Chinha Che Re Lol;
O dearest, on your right big toe there is a beauty spot and there is a mark (sign) on the nail.
Vhaalaa Chheli Aangarea Til Ek, Jovaane Mann Din Che Re Lol ... 2
O dearest, there is one beauty spot on your last finger (toe) and my mind is humbly keen to see it.

Vhaalaa Taari Nakhni Arunta Joine, Shashikaraa Shin Che Re Lol;
O dearest, seeing the red luster (sunrise) of your nails, even the moon light seems (is) pale.
Vhaalaa Raschor Chakor Je Bhakt, Jovaane Pravin Che Re Lol ... 3
O dearest, the (exquisitely enthusiastic) alert devotees utilise all their skills to view the different symbols on your feet.

Vhaalaa Taari Urdhvarekhamaa Chitt, Raho Kari Vaasne Re Lol;
O dearest, I beg of you that my mind's concentration (conscious) always resides (by staying) within the vertical lines on your lotus feet.
Maange Premsakhi Kar Jodi, Dejo Daan Daasne Re Lol ... 4
I Premsakhi (loving friend) fold both my hands as your humble servant and request that you donate (give) me that gift.