Shravan Sud 8, Saturday 18 Aug 2018

Behaviour in Mandir

When you are in Mandir, you should behave because Bhagwan is looking at you all the time.

You should sit on the floor and no leaning on the walls
When the katha is on, you should never make any noise by talking or playing. In the Mandir, you should only talk about religious matter. You should not talk about anything else
You should never shout or run in Mandir. God's home is a place of peace and quiet
You should not chew anything in your mouth unless it has been received in the Mandir as God's Prasad
Scriptures and holy objects are God's image so they should not be thrown around
You should not do Darshan and Pradikshna while God is sleeping or eating
Whilst in Mandir, males and females should avoid each other